Your own website

You get a contemporary website adjustable to your own taste, and works perfectly on pc, tablet and smartphone. Create your own style, lay-out and color scheme with a diversity of control parameters and unique themes. Support for amongst others Dutch, French, English, German, etc…

Sales, Rental or Auction

Publish the articles and products on your website, eventually with a refund-plan. Add an unlimited number of pictures, nicely sorted into directories according your method. Adjust visibility time of cars on sale.


The optional safety module contains a smart process which allows you to obtain maximum turnover. Your customers places bids on your articles, by placing a static or proxy bid. We inform by digital means your clients of their bids and at the end of the auction they receive all necessary documents (invoices, delivery notes/receipts, etc…).


All necessary tools at your disposal, amongst : final or temporary adjudication, minimum pricing, adjudge & withdrawal of lots, etc …. Sell the goods by auction on your own behalf or on behalf of a third party. Determine the sales cost, the VAT percentage, the VAT on the margin. A series of possibilities!


Save all documents and attachments in contacts and files and/or place them visible on the website with the articles. You can upload an unlimited amount of files.

Proper categories

Present your articles in categories of your choice, while our filters will guide the clients to the appropriate article.


Make up manually the invoices, purchase orders and offers with Cloud Hammer. A child’ play. Bill on your own behalf or on behalf of a third party. And on top all invoices are available online, easy to download by your clients.

Coda Files

Verification of invoice payments using automatic Coda files.

Module CRM

Manage your contacts in the online management system. Import existing contacts, make links between companies and contacts, verify VAT numbers for validity. Manage all exit correspondence on company level, contacts, files and online auctions.

Files Management

Manage closed sales agreements in ‘files’, to keep all regrouped for easy settlement.

Files cost

Various invoice possibilities for all kinds of costs, with proper adjustment.

Storage cost

Determine which storage costs are offered.

Prevention and settlement of irresponsible bid

The PWS (Prevention Warning System) warns you for incorrect use of bidding. If an irresponsible bid is done, the module irresponsible bid allows you to take the necessary actions.

Financial Settlement

This module offers the possibility to settle each file in the maintime, all necessary invoices and files for settlement will be generated. This will prevent errors and keep your mandatories satisfied!

Advanced reports

A profound analysis of your sales data, gives you at all times real time data for adjusting.

Internal communication

Your collaborators can send internal messages with direct reference to the file, contact person, document or auction.


You determine the value of warranty per auction which is applicable for bidding. The bidders can at each moment, throught their account page, increase their warranty, or claim refund of the deposit. A warranty per excellence!

User Management

Make easily new users, and determine their access to various modules.

Several branches

Each branch, shop or company works with separately protected files (sales, rental, auction) and invoices. All offered goods are published together on a coordinated website. Very appropriate for p.e. franchise, chains or organisations/associations.


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