The necessity of professional
cloud-based sales software

The story behind Cloud Hammer

In search of good auction software

Moyersoen auction house was established 20 years ago by Christophe Moyersoen. In the meanwhile, this auction house has blossomed and is now one of the biggest ones in Belgium. Moyersoen now employs more than 35 people and still has several vacancies. Due to the big rise of internet auctions, Moyersoen looked in 2005 for an appropriate software to sell his products by auction.

After having consulted different parties, it turned out there was no standard software available on the market, which was necessary to manage the entire process. For that reason, Christophe Moyersoen decided to take matters into his own hands and got the software developed internally. Over the years, a growing amount of parties got interested in offering their goods in an online auction.

Christophe Moyersoen:

The gavel and the auction room had to make room for the internet. I gladly worked as an auctioneer for 25 years, but in the meanwhile that is a thing of the past. You can reach a lot more potential buyers through the internet. Formerly, there were about 200 to 300 candidates present in the room. Nowadays we have 2000 to 3000 bidders for big auctions. Our website has an average of 10 000 visitors a month and buyers from over 100 countries. The great advantage of online auctions is that people can place a bid whenever they want and got the time. They can bid every hour  of the day, also nightly and on holidays. There is no stress involved. The only thing the highest bidder has to do, is execute the payment by means of a computer, smartphone or tablet and pick up the purchased product. If somebody has placed a higher bid, you didn’t waste any time. No displacement was needed.

In the meanwhile, Nancy Eyckmans got involved and the idea of using the software not only for own use grew. They wanted to let the whole world enjoy Moyersoen’s success.

As a result, Cloud Hammer was born as an independent company. An auction software that companies can use to manage their entire administration, billing, sales, back end, front end,… from one platform and they consequently have the opportunity to sell or rent their product, but also put them up for auction!



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